Düsseldorf Nov 14-17, 2012

World Forum of Medicine


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MEDIMA Infusion Pumps

Medima solutions ensure adequate safety, with syringe and volumetric pumps attachable to standard columns and stands and also suitable for docking stations, docked pumps establish automatic link with MedimaNet Server which allows to monitor current infusions more...

ALSA Electrosurgey Units

Alsa new series of electro surgery units are designed according to a “manufacturing philosophy” which privileges the easy and immediate comprehension of all the usage/regulation modes, and wide range of performances more

SUCHATZKI Nebulizers

Suchatzki ultrasonic nebulizers, Including cup and bonnet for nebulizing smallest quantities from 3 ml on Water-control-device systems for continuous nebulizing more...

STAR Endotracheal Tubes



ISO 13485:2003    ISO 9001:2008

Cuffed and uncuffed, To help the respiration of the patients who under clinical anesthetic treatment or in emergent rescue and improve their respiration function more...

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